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Dr. Dionne Bates, Who Am I?

Who Am I ?

By: Dr. Dionne Bates

Who am I? I am:

I who at inception was so intricately intrepid, that I married me to conceive

myself. I am:

Delicately dainty in my 20 pearls, yet dauntlessly dapper in the swagger of

my manner. Who am I? I am:

Endlessly evolving, not merely in my existence, but living fully the reality

of my actuality. I am:

Nascent in my nomenclature, as I am:

Tripartite of the tie between Grover and Harriet and the tribal ancestors that

traveled before them. Just as Yehosua Mashiach is tied to Mary/God and

Obatala and Oshun to Olodumare, these troikas theosophically tie me to all

humanity. Oh yes, I am:

Inclined to be irenically humble, having heroic potential with the propensity

of hellish proclivity in the face of injustice. I am:

Tacitly reserved, yet tenaciously assured. I am:

You and you are I... Do you know who I am? Do you know who you are? I

am who I say I am... and you can be whoever you say you are.

Be good to you. Because when you are... you can’t help but be good to me.


Listen to SOREN LIT's interview with Dr. Dionne Bates here:

D. Dionne Bates, PhD, LPC, CPCS is a licensed professional counselor in private

practice who holds a B.A. in Sociology (with emphasis in deviant behavior), an M.A. in

Counseling Psychology, and a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. In clinical practice almost 20 years,

Dr. Bates has observed that the root of many individuals’ emotional and psychological distress is

their inability to integrate their “true” selves into various realms of their lives. The author of the

Self-SOULstice Model of Affirmation, Dr. Bates works with her clients to help them reach

optimal mental health by affirming self, affirming others, and living authentically. Website:

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