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InnaRae, Savannah the Great

Savannah The Great

by InnaRae

in quiet storms stretched throughout the third quarter each day

streaks of lightning birth themselves into dusk

almost sundown around town

eventide skies

gone after an 8th of a second

we see you

perfectly zigzagged lines shooting up from the earth

curving right for miles – then off to the left toward infinity

And it tells me everything about how you landed, lived, loved, and left

Great Mother Savannah

seems your timing is always just before liquid sunshine showers fall

unfathomable depths of water

inexhaustible rhythms in our wombs

unending orgasmic tears release themselves from gramma’s eyes when you landed

entering this realm

purposed to tango before its time

young and barefoot on dry and thirsty clay

happily greeting mama dirt every step of the way

us sense your life in the heart of

we god

we’own fathers who don’t quite know you

enty dem bukruh, too

coming to me across lapsed timelines

fuh uhm s’posed tuh pray?

Bactize muh ‘gen mo bettuh

show me where forgiveness draws its breath!

b’kause augus’ jes lef,

Great Mother Savannah

seems your timing is always just before dat liquid sunshine showers fall

us hear your love

as hard as dat fear in the priestess’s voice

when she speaks of Hevioso’s thunder

shock waves scattering

whisking bodies away from what they will never possess

but auntie Gladys remembers your call to

your grand chirren

“here come my shango shanga’s”

reminding me to run to you arms, smiles open wide “we’re here”!

us touched by bands of rain that replenish

muh inna umbra

cleansing prayers, nurturing gifts, loving beingness

giving we life

you left

transformed like the smoke

Of burning camphor,

Positively, peacefully, pleasingly

when clouds give way

love’s residue is golden rain

na us smell the favor upon our family today and fo ever

like the lavender, sage, and frankincense of ancient temples

where I pay close attention,

muhself study haa’d

while stann’n ona bank of the Ogeechee River

den muhself know

your real name’s a scarification

fierce, eternal branding upon the left chamber of we h’aa’ts

sectembtuh yuh Great Mother Savannah

seems your timing is always just before liquid sunshine showers fall


InnaRae’s work as a singer/songwriter, poet, and teacher exemplifies an appreciation of the human spirit, knowledge of purpose, and love of beauty. In veneration to and with assistance from her maternal and paternal ancestresses who, throughout time and space, have moved in their spiritual giftings with full acceptance and authorization from Spirit, InnaRae walks in the energy of balance and the divine feminine. Her beloved ancestors also assist her while traveling through this earthly realm on a frequency of love that, despite hardships, has held onto its spiritual dignity throughout many generations in her bloodline.


Through her art, she encourages readers and listeners to return “home”, transform, and discover that absolutely no circumstance can diminish the life and light that shines within each soul. Her music fuses her poetry with a Neo-Soul sound in celebration of an African concept Sankofa, which defines the process of going back to our roots, searching out, and acquiring what would be helpful to move forward in life. To date, InnaRae has recorded albums, Rena’s Moan (2008) and most recently, The Brooding of Emaline Oliver (2018). Both works are enjoyed by listeners who seek a healing path and opportunity to face their spiritual truths.


InnaRae has also worked with NYC motion picture director Rosalyn Williams of Red Wall Productions to produce a short documentary, titled The Journey to Rena’s Moan (2011), which compels women who struggle with sexual shame and generational wounds to start the healing journey and allow their authentic gifts shine.  This powerful work serves to bring art to healing centers and now homes, where art is often overlooked as a viable contributor to the healing process. Currently, InnaRae writes reflective articles, essays, and poetry to scribe her experiences on the ancestral healing path.  She also teaches, trains onboarding professors at an online University, facilitates workshops, and performs upon request. Recorded in 2022, her latest poetic offerings, Growth Mates and The Nile River, can be viewed on YouTube.

To learn more, please visit

LISTEN to InnaRae’s interview with SOREN LIT

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