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Elliott Udoh, Black Barbie

Black Barbie

by Elliott Udoh

America, we know how much you love your toys

From the makers of American girl doll and Barbie

Mattel: We are so excited to present our brand new

Black Barbie.

You can have your very own right now!

She comes in six different shades

And four different body types with our brand new “extra grown” model:

She’s 14 going on 40

And she’s nothing but a toy,

Pretty brown plastic in a box.

Feel free to Manipulate, mold, and use her to your liking.

We’ll include 2 extra bundles of weave

the inability to speak proper English

Questionable intelligence

and a baaaaad attitude

On our limited edition dolls:

if you press the button on her left hand,

our brand new “angry Black girl” mode is activated...

Good luck!

Our custom voice box comes with extra ratchet,

ghetto vernacular dripping off of every word she speaks.

Feel free to copy her funny made-up language

It’s only ghetto when she does it anyway.

If you call right now we’ll include some extra special daddy issues

Guaranteed to wreak plenty of havoc.

Lilly S. From Connecticut writes “I love my doll, she’s so loud… and exotic and crazy”

Karen G from Kansa describes her doll as “very… different”

America, you’re going to love her, guaranteed!


Elliott Udoh, 14, attends The Webb School in Bell Buckle Tennessee. Elliott is a driven individual with a passion for social justice who strives to change the world through a combination of compassion and curiosity through the lens of their most authentic self. Elliott has been named an Atlanta Youth Poet Laureate ambassador for 2021 and hopes to publish a chapbook in the near future.

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