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YaNi Davis, Creation: An Invocation

Creation: An Invocation

by YaNi Davis

Inhale by exhale

Recognize that all creation is moving through you and

Around you

The hovering of the spirit just above you

Calling forth the fullness of your being

Calling forth the faithfulness you’ve cultivated -

Since being knit In your mother’s womb

We bring to remembrance an empty tomb

The cries of the women

The stillness of grief

We sit -in- the silence of everyday trauma and fear

Saying so long to the security of yesterday’s normalcy

Inhale by exhale

Hold your heart ever so gingerly

when you feel the pain arising in your body

Flow freely in the feelings that arise from a soul -

intricately connected to the Divine

Be still and remember that

I AM God

Be still and never forget that

I AM God

Be still and know that

I AM God

Creator of all things,

Infinite intelligence available for you-

Unconditional love poured out for you-

A body resurrected for you-

Inhale by exhale

Stand in awe of…

ALL Creation

All things new!

Thank you God for the sky. I look up to you.

Thank you God for the trees. I breathe you.

Thank you God for the water. I take you in.

Thank you God for the fire. I feel you.

Inhale by Exhale.

YaNi Davis BIO

Iyana “YaNi” Davis, is a graduate of Claremont School of Theology with her Masters

of Divinity. Rev. YaNi received her B.A. from Spelman College, with an English

degree. YaNi has always been passionate about the impact of words, storytelling,

truth-telling  and the therapeutic nature of writing one’s words and sharing one’s story.

YaNi believes firmly in our power as storytellers and sets this example everyday of

her life as a coach, creative and community leader.

Rev. YaNi, is a minister with The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and has been

a featured speaker, poet and teaching-artist around the United States, throughout

Europe and across Asia. YaNi uses her words wisely as a Hip Hop artist, an inspiring

speaker, an effective educator, a profound poet, a modern day prophet and griot. She

has shared the stage with top performers, theologians, creatives, and healers around

the world, an honor that she does not take lightly. YaNi is the founder of, My

SupaNatural Life, an organization that provides education and wholistic care for

people living with disabilities and their caregivers.

YaNi has founded several spiritual communities/churches around the country, is the

author of, Love Poems for Peace, is a kidney transplant survivor and near completion

of a second masters (Professional Studies-Business of Art and Design) via Maryland

Institute College of Art. YaNi is the essence of peace personified!

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