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Karen Southall Watts, To Jasper and Broken Goddesses

To Jasper

by Karen Southall Watts

On a rare and sunny day,

When the sky is blazing Carolina blue,

And the rush and whoosh of Vancouver traffic

Reminds me of the Haw and Eno Rivers,

I think of you.

So far away, you sleep

In a world with acres of sweet corn, apple orchards,

And fruity homemade wine.

In a dark and weepy night,

When the city sounds invade my window,

I remember the silence of country life,

And I dream your future.

The dusty road, cricket-song beauty of your world,

Fried funnel cakes and perch-filled lakes,

So much waits for you.

But for now, curled in your cradle,

You are cherished and unaware

A world away, and in my heart.

Broken Goddesses

by Karen Southall Watts

Caitlen texted under the covers.

Hot and nervous -- fingers flying.

U going to the party tomorrow?

I sent you those photos.

Why don’t you answer?

Gail stood at the front door.

Still and stoic -- pointedly not crying.

Her husband stepped over their sobbing child,

Walked right past her,

And into the night, for a new life, with a new wife.

Sarah signed the papers.

Numb and shocked -- shoulders shaking.

She handed them back to the courier,

And with them access to all her assets,

A DNR and her remaining rights.

Three women wept in the dark.

All whispering, “I thought you loved me.”


Karen Southall Watts currently writes and works in the Pacific Northwest, where she lives with a chronic case of homesickness for friends and family in the South. Her flash fiction and poetry have been featured at Fairfield Scribes, Free Flash Fiction, The Drabble, Sledgehammer Lit, and 101Words. She is also the author of several business books and articles.

Twitter: @askkaren

Listen to Karen Southall Watts on the SOREN LIT podcast:

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