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Karma Bennett, Book Lover

Book Lover

by Karma Bennett

I ravish books. I like a book

that’s been around the block, I can see

where others dog-earredly

tired of it. Books are meant

to be handled, their backs

arched, their spines scarred. There is no shame

in a little highlighting, even a little

bruising, now and then.

A naked book calls to me, “Use me,”

it says, “and when I’m done

with you, I want your best friend

and then your sister.” A book

is a cheap date. Enough

of treating books like delicate,

pale-faced schoolboys. I want

a book with tattoos, enraged opinions

marked on its skin. Come here

I want to get inside of you, touch me

in that place only you know, touch me there

again. Ha!

I will toss aside your virgin pages before

we reach last chapter together, switching

to a more experienced companion.

I will read seven books at once.

I will give good head-

ers to your footers, I will leave you

lying splayed open for anyone to see. We

will fantasize that someone will discover you

as I found you, pages wide open. They will slide

their finger down your crease

and sink deep into you

for the long night ahead.


Karma Bennett lived in the South for two decades but has escaped to Oakland, CA. She is currently president of the Berkeley California Writers Club. Her most recent publication was in the book Collosus: Home, a collection to benefit Moms 4 Housing. She runs the website


Listen to Karma Bennett's SOREN LIT interview:

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