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Lori Thomasson, Light the Mic

Light the Mic

by Lori F Thomasson

Broken glass dreams and crumbled visions

Memoirs from men whose decision is to love darkness

Love night

Rather than the Light that has come into this world

Men hate the Light because it exposes their evil deeds

And judgment now swallows those whose foolishness supersedes

the pleads and calling of the Anointed One

The Only Begotten Son

One day they gon' wanna come

But will it be too late

By their own choosing will eternal darkness seal their fate

Minds rebate hearts filled with hate abominations and decay

Run to the Light Carol Ann

Damn the Light they say

I got stuff to do today

I gotta smoke trees and drink 'cause I'm on the brink

And I'm going through and I

got some more lying that I got to do

Some more crying that I got to do

Some more dying that I got to do

Ain't got time to think about you or your God aight

I'm enjoying the darkness

Get out

And turn off that Light

Light has come into this world

But men won't let go of the evil within

Even the ones who say they've been cleansed of their sins

The Born Agains

And like Michael Jackson hid his hand behind a glitter glove

They try to hide like Adam in the garden from the One above

Talking about you stepping in the name of love

But let the truth be told you're really stepping on hot coals

Playing Russian roulette with your souls

Neither hot nor cold

Luke warm lovers

Church brothers hiding lust from other church brothers

Still turning single Black women into single Black mothers

Pressed church girl saying she's praying for a man

Says she knows it's God's plan

But she still measures the depth of her love

By the size of her men's feet and hands

Still trying to get attention from Mac and her breasts

aka the twins

But it's time to let slavery end and there's no win without a fight

And there's freedom in the light

And even though I know some souls will die

Not mine

I'll Light the Mic for Christ

And my mic sounds nice

And I pray that my spoken word be spoken life

To pierce your soul spirit joint and marrow

Like a razor-sharp knife

To cut out that thing that keeps you at arm’s length from Him

'Cause I'm sick and tired of sin

And double-minded men

Living like hell and thinking they're gon' get in

Heaven ain't no trash bin

I Light the Mic for Christ

'Cause He saved my life

From the beginning He called my name

When I got shot at and bullets fired past my head like flames

When I gapped my legs for money and didn't catch AIDS

When I got strangled in a hotel and didn't go to the grave

I Light the mic for Christ 'cause I got a new name

It used to be ghetto Mary Magdalene

Crackhead ho

And now it's beloved daughter of the Most High God

So Beautiful

I Light the mic for Christ and I bear good fruit

I'm anointed and filled with His Spirit

From the soles of my feet up to my nappy roots

To deliver His Truth With a sword in my mouth

Facing eastward westward north and south

And while you're sitting there trying to figure that one out


I'm out

He Kept Going Monologue Written by Lori F Thomasson

(To be performed by a young woman)

When I woke up this morning I felt beautiful For the first time in a long time I was consciously aware of my beauty, and I acknowledged it. Not just pretty, you know what I mean? But Beautiful I looked in the mirror and thought, “Wow!” I am here I made it through high school And here I am in college I don’t even know how I got accepted But here I am, and I’m beautiful That’s how I felt This morning My friends and I were so excited We’d been planning to go to this party For weeks My student refund check finally came in Hair, check, nails, check, outfit, check I was ready But more than that He was going to be there And he was expecting to see me Me a freshman And I felt so beautiful Things are a little fuzzy now I remember talking to my friends on the phone I remember calling my mom before I left for the party “Have fun!” she said, “Be safe.” She said something else too; what was it again? I can’t remember I wish I could remember I wish I could forget My friends and I were having so much fun dancing and laughing And trying hard not to look like freshmen

Then I saw him

He was walking towards me

Smiling and looking right at me

It was like a movie

I think I stopped breathing for a couple of seconds

I wished I could stop breathing now

I wish I could close my eyes and

I wish I could start this whole day over and

I wish I never said hi when he spoke to me and

I wish I never bought this stupid outfit and

I wish I wasn’t beautiful

Because maybe he wouldn’t have looked at me

Maybe he wouldn’t have shown any interest at all

Maybe he wouldn’t have asked me to leave my friends at the party

Maybe he wouldn’t have asked me to just sit in his car and talk

Maybe he wouldn’t have kissed me

Maybe he wouldn’t have touched my body

Maybe he wouldn’t have…kept going when I said No

Maybe he wouldn’t have kept going when I yelled STOP!

Maybe he wouldn’t have kept going when I was screaming and hitting him

Maybe he wouldn’t have kept going when I cried

Maybe he wouldn’t have kept going when I stopped fighting

Because he was too damn strong

And maybe he wouldn’t have kept going when I suddenly felt anything but beautiful

If he knew that he was emptying out my very soul

Robbing me of the beauty that I felt just this morning

The value that had begun to grow inside me

My trust, my self-worth, my emotion

My passion for life, school, friends, and my future

My virginity, everything

Was being pounded out of me

Because he kept going.


At age eight, Lori Thomasson created original stories and one-girl shows

entertaining her friends and family. By age ten, however, several traumatic events would silence her for the next 26 years. She kept her thoughts to herself during that time, penning them in poetry, songs, and prose. This native of Maryland, currently residing in Atlanta, Georgia, is settling into her new home and writing. Last month, Lori graduated from Full Sail University, earning her Bachelors in Fine Arts in Creative Writing. Lori Thomasson is the author of the poetry collection Filling the Cracks in My Head and the self-help guide Do One Thing: The 30-day Plan for Getting Unstuck and Living Your Purpose.

Listen to Lori Thomasson's SOREN LIT interview:

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